Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cool Spring Promotions - Part Two

The Spring Book begins today. But you knew that already.

More spring promotions we've noted:

More Workforce:
WKLH/Milwaukee does their take on the Workforce Payroll with a chance to become the station's CEO. $96 an hour with a chance at a $10,000 CEO benefits package.

Tampa Bay's WXGL kicks off the Eagle Work Zone on Monday with $100 to be on the clock. Likewise with KGON/Portland. $100 an hour on the KGON Workforce Payroll.

KSEG with $100 an hour with The Workforce Payroll. WCHR/Monmouth County, NJ has The Job Squad with $105/hourly.

WSFR/Louisville does the SFR Payroll with $107.70 per hour. Can you guess their frequency? WJSR/Tulsa has the At Work Network Payroll at $50/hour; it doubles on Thursdays. In Knoxville, WIMZ offers $100/hour to a listener and a friend. Details here.

Beyond The Workforce Payroll:

WHTQ/Orlando is offering up $96 4x/daily with the "Classic Rocker Of The Day". Check it out here. In Nashville, WNRQ has $500 when the group of the day plays with "Cash For Classics". WHPT/Sarasota is doing the "Workforce Song Of The Day" - hear it and win $1000.

Springfield's WAQY began qualifying listeners this past Monday for a BMW Motorcycle.

WDGL/Baton Rouge is doing License To Win - $98 five times a day matching numbers with listener drivers licenses.

More spring promotions as we see 'em. Got one we missed? Share.

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