Thursday, April 12, 2007

What Were You Thinking?

Over the years as an Operations and Program Director, I've had the occasion - more than once - to ask air talent "what were you thinking?" (This has always been followed by my own self-analysis of what I didn't do as a manager to prevent the incident from occuring.)

From "Inside Radio" this morning:

A really bad idea - using "nappy-headed ho" as "the phrase that pays."
17-year WSBG, Stroudsburg, PA personality Gary Smith was riffing on the Imus blowup and that's why Nassau canned him instead of issuing a suspension. At the same time - the Pocono Record newspaper notes that Smith laid down quite a record of community service in northeastern Pennsylvania.

An apparent momentary lapse in judgement that turned into an unfortunate situation for the station, its listeners - and the air talent.

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