Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

Wednesday...already! Still waiting for spring here. Cold and very windy today. Added: now its snowing hard.

From the 'net:

Don Imus:
Lots o' tongues wagging about the John Donald Imus, Jr issue in the past several days. A 2-week suspension starts next Monday for the veteran air talent.

In his Tuesday post
- Dave Martin writes about the Imus controversy - and has offered his own take here on whether Imus should stay or go.

Jerry Del Colliano
writes about "The Hypocrisy Surrunding Imus" in his blog this morning. Mark Ramsey offers up "Math with Mr. Imus"; I don't feel its going to be quite that easy for Imus this time - though I've been wrong before. Added: Fox News (plus now Inside Radio) reporting Wednesday Night 7pm ET that MSNBC has cancelled the TV simulcast of the Imus show.

Beyond Imus:

Fred Jacobs writes this morning about how Neilsen is now including 18-24yr old college students who live away from home in their surveys - while Arbitron is still struggling with "cell phone only" households. With our last move, the Kelley household here was cell-phone only for our first year; and we only acquired a traditional land-line phone packaged with improved broadband/internet service.

Demers Programming reminds us that this Friday is "Friday the 13th". Ozzy Osbourne will debut a new single online Friday. And Wednesday, April 25th is "Administrative Professional's Day".

Promotions: These two remind me of the classic "30 bars in 30 days": WMGK/Philadelphia is getting out to the suburbs with "
Andre Gardner's Hometown of the Week" - once a week trips to pubs in the outlying areas of the metro...they get diaries too! (Andre: I was also a member of the "kid with radio station in bedroom" club).

Down in Little Rock - KKPT's morning show is doing a tour to find "The best breakfast in Central Arkansas". How cool!

Listening to KKPT on the web right now - a great sounding Classic Rock station.

And...if you haven't seen it yet - do check out our little roadtrip from this past weekend: WVIC to KRNQ. Have a good Wednesday.

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