Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here and There

Sun and 63° here at 10:30am

Listening this morning
to KKZX/Spokane on the 'net. The "Radiomen" are on the air. Flashback host/VO pro Bill St. James is their imaging voice. sweet!

Mothers Day. Sunday.
WMGK/Philadelphia is doing a Mother's Day Request Weekend. If your request is played, you'll also pick up a pair of Def Leppard/Styx tix. KSAN/San Francisco doing 3-song sets for mom on her day.

Practical. WAQY/Springfield giving listeners a chance to get all the junk out of their home. A prize a wife would love. Ends the nagging! Details here.

Another one: "Show Us Your Crack".
KTWS/Bend, OR is looking for the biggest crack. Here.

Morning Show TV.
KRFX/Denver AM drivers Lewis & Floorwax (aka "The Masters") take highlights of their radio show to Comcast Cable Wednesday through Friday Nights. Here. How many cable systems are looking for programming....??

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