Friday, May 11, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Happy Friday. Sunny/67° here at 10am.

Ask The PD.
This morning I was perusing the website of John Hagar's WGRF/Buffalo and reading his "Ask the PD" feature.

I've written before about responding to listeners in an honest, visible, credible way through "Ask the PD" - but reading the letters and John's responses - here - reminds me again how important this can be. In this day and age, its all about listener participation and increasing your station's "sticky" factor.

Doing a feature like this on your website is an invitation for feedback. Another opportunity to establish a relationship. Its a no-cash investment that will pay off over time.

John Hagar gets it. A few minutes on his station website can be a real eye opener for any PD (or GM).

More flavors than Baskin-Robbins. Four variations of Classic Rock. 80+ formats. All from Clear Channel's "Format Lab".

The formats are designed for the new distribution pipelines: HD Radio, internet, cell phones, etc. Look and listen

The other day - I wrote here about programming live cuts; coincidently this weekend Chicago's WDRV presents the "Live Drive Weekend". Nice!

Thanks Rick! Yesterday, I received a press kit and copy of Rick Kaempfer's new broadcast novel "$everance". I'll be reading this weekend....

More on the book here.

Added: Rick discusses his new book with John "Records" Landecker in the latest Chicago Radio Spotlight here. Added to post Sunday 5/13/07.

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