Tuesday, May 8, 2007

KZPS - Lee Abrams & Playlists

Yesterday, I mentioned here Lee Abram's latest blog post - and specifically his words on baseball and Bill Veeck. But there was much more to Lee's post.

If you didn't read it - he also wrote
about the format switch at KZPS/Dallas and offered opinion on what went wrong: "They literally blew those 300 songs SO into the ground that is painfully boring".

After reading Lee's comments yesterday, I made a few notes of my own - based on the stations I've both programmed and have been influenced by.

While this depends on the competitive environment - I have a "loose-tight" attitude about programming music on classic rock. No question we've got to play "those 300" (or so...whatever for your station/market) high-testing classic rock tunes.

At the same time - there should be moments to dig a little deeper. This could be part of a daily feature - part of a theme weekend - an "album side", "hair cuts" or whatever. They need the proper set up or staging.

Likewise with new releases by classic artists that you might play, if you elect to do it.

This can get into a whole different discussion regarding "creating musical confidence" - a topic Lee Abrams wrote about years ago that I'd love to reprint here.

I've also been able to "stretch the 300" - with overnight recycling in Selector as well as using great alternate live versions of songs - rotated in packets in Selector.

I'd daypart the live versions (so the familiar studio version only plays in morning drive, for instance); - with some additional coding so only one "alternate live cut" can play - let's say - within 60-90 minutes.

Added: I've also used these live tracks for specials and themes, including a "live tracks" weekend - with 3-4 live tracks an hour.

Just some of my ideas. Feel free to share yours.

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