Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

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Welcome to Wednesday.

From my blogosphere:

Lots o' blogs this morning on Opie & Anthony - and "Shock Jock" radio - following XM's 30-day suspension of the morning duo. (who continue their CBS Radio program during the suspension, btw.)

First up: Mark Ramsey here on O&A, including this quote: "Can you be funny without being offensive? Of course. And. as O&A proved, you can be offensive without being funny."

Second: Jerry Del Colliano
on "The Shock Jock Is Dead" - here.

And: Fred Jacobs
here on "its time to wake up and smell the coffee".

Added: All Access reports that O&A were silent on the XM suspension during their CBS program this morning. And Dave Martin's take on Opie & Anthony here.

I remember thinking "isn't their shtick over?" when O&A returned to terrestrial radio a year ago. Never understood the mad rush to get them back on the radio following the David Lee Roth experiment; especially on non-CBS stations.

Greg Gillispie.
I've been a fan of Greg since his days at McVay. This week All Access reprints a 2005 article from Greg on "Whats Your Station Selling or Doing?". Check out "Consultant Tips" on All Access here.

And from Jaye Albright:
Have you checked to see if your station is on ""? Or your competition? Here. is a free alternative (albeit very limited for typical PD needs) to Mediabase thats available to you and your listeners. I've been a user of Mediabase since their days of distributing floppy disks in Fed-Ex envelopes. Its still the best.

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