Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Sunny/81° at 11am!

Almost to the long weekend.

From my blogosphere:

Making the personal connection.
Have written here about stations getting out and meeting listeners - be it taking a show to a workplace like WKLH/Milwaukee or listener homes like CLIQ/Toronto. Bar remotes. Parades. Other community functions. Meeting listeners outside a concert venue. Interacting with fans. And not always for the "talent fee".

Jacobs Media Internet specialist Tim Davis writes about connecting with listeners - "our secret sauce"
here; and there's a great follow-up comment from Greg Gillispie.

Fred Jacobs writes here this morning about sales people - and finding bright, motivated sellers. He also mentions a little game I've been guilty of playing in my head everytime a new salesperson has entered the building.

Sales professionals are under-appreciated. We need more of them to make our programming, promotions, ideas and listener benefits succeed.

Share Fred's piece with your GM and SM today.

More shock-jock thoughts.
Mark Ramsey shares his thoughts on "comedy minus cruelty". Here.

And from country KMLE/Phoenix comes this:

Have a great Wednesday!

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