Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Good afternoon.

Post-Memorial Observation: I use Google Analytics on this blog to see what part of the country (and world) my visitors come from - and whether they come to the blog directly or through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo - and what search terms (or keywords) on those sites brought them here.

In the past several days - I've had a plethora of visits via the search engines looking for various station Memorial Day Top 500 lists. If you did a countdown and don't have the list up on your website, get it up! And its a great indicator of the power of this classic rock staple!

From my blogosphere:

Strategy without tactics. And visa-versa. A great read here from Alan Mason.

Speaking of strategies.
Lee Abrams writes here about how some companies handle programming changes. Its about eight paragraphs down in the post.

You've got to be familiar with Lee's previous writings to truly appreciate his POV.

Time to reboot the bad radio. Dave Martin writes about leadership and attitude. Here. In the same post, Dave remembers Bill Todd - someone I spent a lot of my youth listening to on Chicago's WDAI.

HD Radio. Sony jumps aboard HD. Mark Ramsey offers some thoughts here.

Meanwhile Gizmodo reports
that Samsung is developing low cost HD radio chips for receivers which will hopefully bring the cost of radios down significantly. Read here.

Perhaps this will be the incentive for stations to invest more in their HD2 programming.

Speaking of HD. Jacobs Media released the good news and bad news for HD radio as part of their "Tech Survey III". See the results here.

Have a great Wednesday.


PocketRadio said...

CBS has just bought Last.FM and Sprint has put Mobile Pandora on their cell phone - both of these allow the creation of PERSONALIZED music playlists - HD Radio does not stand a chance with these platforms. Here are some more HD Radio articles:

Dan Kelley said...

Your post was truncated.

While comments are welcome on any topic, the vision of this blog is to discuss programming matters. If our superiors elect to invest in HD technology, its our mission to provide programming.

Its simply our job. And its mandatory that we ask for the resources neccessary to make it all it can be.