Friday, May 18, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Sunny/60° in Mid-Michigan at 11:30am


More on the first-post PPM format change. Read Tom Webster
here. And Sean Ross here.

Inside Radio:
"This week's flip of Clear Channel's "Rumba 104.5" to rock is a harbinger of things to come - operators realizing that cume-friendly formats like rock, oldies and news/talk are more likely to prosper in a People Meter world."

Meanwhile: McVay's Dave Lange writes here about the Philadelphia sign-on, another switch in San Francisco - and says its all from PPM. Dave is also promising a new piece soon on the McVay website that will explore rock's big potential in the new PPM world. We ain't dead yet!

Shop Talk. Cara Carriveau's latest podcast features an interview with morning show producer/author Rick Kaempfer. They discuss Rick's novel - plus share radio stories past and present. Runs about 31 minutes. Listen Here.

Its like sitting at a bar with radio people - but you're not.

More Audio. Mark Ramsey talks to Fast Company writer Bill Breen about
"Being Authentic in a Paris Hilton World". Here. Best quote: "if it becomes too much about the "market" and not enough about the community, listeners will shut it down." This blog has been all about thinking "community".

Have a great weekend...more here Sunday Morning.

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