Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool Cars

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In the last few months - we've seen lots of Harley giveaways, Jeep and Hummer promotions - even boats and jet skis.

While there's no doubt all those make great giveaways - I think a classic car makes for a cool giveaway; and the right one can stir up some emotions and memories in your listeners.

Vehicles also make for a great sales opportunity as they can travel from remote to remote - generating revenue during the summer months.
Here's a few promotions currently happening in Classic Rock radio:

KKCD/Omaha has classic '71 Monte Carlo for their listeners to win. If it wasn't "cool" in '71, it can fall into that class now. More here.

In Kalamazoo, WRKR has an awesome vehicle: a '67 Camaro. Very sweet and very cool. See here.

Maybe a '75 AMC Pacer could be cool enough to giveaway to listeners. Just thinking. Hey - there's no bad ideas when you're brainstorming....

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