Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reminiscing In Denver

Today (6/21) - Denver's AAA KCUV celebrates the first day of summer with a "Summer of Love" special - and they're doing it with not only music - but with a reunion of voices from the early days of Denver free-form underground radio - the 60s and 70s.

Very local and so cool. Listening right now. This is similar to what we wrote about doing here.

On the air is former staff of long-defunct Denver stations KLZ-FM and KFML AM & FM - including Bill Clarke, Max Floyd, Jay Cooper, Thom Trunnell and Bill Ashford.

From the KCUV website:

The Summer Of Love, a tribute to radio pioneers who dared to challenge the radio listener to experience a new vision for rock music on the radio, because in 1967, it truly was…. “About the Music”.

Great stories - great tunes - recreating part of Denver radio's past. Even commercials from that era. Congrats to NRC Broadcasting's KCUV for putting this day together.

Listen online here.


Added: Recreating the sound of free-form FM in 1967, KCUV's Summer of Love special lacks all the polished, slick production and execution found on radio today.

With much respect for those involved, I'm not certain I'd do this special the same way; preferring more of a "rock-u-mentry" produced-type approach. That said - what KCUV is doing today is fairly close to what FM was back then.

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