Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Denny Somach Stirs It Up

With TV's "Mythbusters" on across the room - I had the laptop next to me tonight and took a quick glance at this site's visitor stats.

Looking at the "keywords" typed into Google and Yahoo that brought visitors here, I noticed a large number of queries for one-time WYSP/Philadelphia programmer Denny Somach. Denny has been mentioned here before - but why the big surge in interest?

Doing a fast web search - it turns out Mr. Somach was on the Howard Stern Show this morning to discuss - and give examples of alleged "blatant plagiarism" by the mighty Led Zeppelin. Lots of examples.

Read more on Led Zeppelin's "borrowing" as part of "The Cold Cases of Rock & Roll" on Denny's website

There's a lot of interest in this - given the search engine referrals.

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