Thursday, June 28, 2007

July 4th and more

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Welcome to Thursday.

Summer book (6/28-9/19) starts today along with The Conclave in Minneapolis.
But you knew that...

On the air - on the 4th

Buffalo's WGRF is doing a "USA to Z" featuring "Classic Rock's greatest songs about life in America."

WCSX/Detroit also on the air with "USA to Z" - promising "All-American bands in alphabetical order, from Aerosmith to ZZ Top.". This will be followed up with a complete A to Z starting on July 9th. Likewise with Milwaukee's WKLH...all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

KSEG/Sacramento is featuring a "Made in the USA Classic Rock A-Z" with all American bands.

In Boston - WZLX is doing "All American Classic Rock Blocks" on Independence Day.

WRXK/Naples is celebrating the 4th by changing their handle from "K-Rock" to "U-Rock" with an all-request Independence Day.
Paducah's WQQR is doing on-air giveaways 4x an hour to caller 4.

July 7th (Saturday)

Premiere Radio Networks will be providing coverage of the "Live Earth" event from noon to 8pm ET.

Premiere reports more than 100 stations signed already.

The broadcast features 9 concerts from 9 countries - including Genesis, The Police, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Details

Classic rockers on board for Live Earth include
WAXQ/New York and WNRQ/Nashville.

WGRF/Buffalo celebrates 7-7-07 with "The Magnificent Seven" - with listeners voting now to pick classic rock's seven greatest bands. The station will play only those seven "great artists" from 10am-9pm on the 7th.

WKLH/Milwaukee also with "The Magnificent Seven" and listener voting is underway. Did I mention downtown MIlwaukee rocks?

In Billings -
KRKX is doing an abbreviated "Magnificent Seven" - airing one hour that day.

Hope whatever your station does on the 4th or the 7th, you've got some great imaging in the can ready to go!

Paul McCartney: Bob Lefsetz writes
here about seeing Paul perform last night. In the audience: Ringo Starr with Barbara Bach. Olivia Harrison. Joe Walsh. Jeff Lynne. Barbara Orbison.

"Mindblowing" says Bob.

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