Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sony BMG Legal Attempts To Control Playlists

Yesterday Country Music Programmers got a surprise email from the legal department at Song/BMG music.

This from consultant Jaye Albright's blog:

An email to radio programmers from Sony BMG/Nashville Sr. VP/Legal & Business Affairs Katherine Woods has demanded that stations stop playing the Tracy Lawrence song "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" featuring guest vocals by BNA's Kenny Chesney. The original single release was sung entirely by Lawrence, but his album For The Love features a version with guest vocals by Chesney and Curb's Tim McGraw.

Woods' letter reads in part: "SBMG did not grant 'singles' rights to Rocky Comfort Records with respect to the album version of this song and has not authorized any radio station to play this recording. If your station is playing the album version...SBMG demands that you immediately cease such unauthorized broadcasting."

Today - as Country Music radio reacted -
Sony/BMG pulled back - stating to recipients that "this was a distraction and waste of your time". See the complete follow up letter from Sony/BMG - again from Jaye Albright's blog here.

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