Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Overcast. Rain. 68° at 10am.

Good Morning.

Coffee with Bob Stroud this AM.
Tuned in to WDRV/Chicago and his "Rock and Roll Roots" program. Bob is doing a timewarp today back to the week of June 3, 1967 - including the release of Sgt. Peppers.

With the computer audio turned up - heard Bob spin Herb Alpert's "Casino Royale
" this morning with my wife remarking that "it sounds like we're coming up to top of the hour newstime". LOL. Jodi did radio before becoming mother to our children.

I noted here a few weeks ago that WDRV was streaming its secondary HD2/Deep Tracks channel at an improved bitrate. The station is now doing the same with its primary on-air programming. The difference is awesome - and quality does not go unnoticed.

Bob Stroud is also the subject of Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight this week. Bob talks about his career, the launch of Rock and Roll Roots, getting fired, getting fired again - and the launch of WDRV/The Drive. Read here.

Spent some time listening Saturday to WGRF/Buffalo on the web as the station did its "History of Classic Albums". PD John Hager making it a real event with some great imaging and staging. Loved the vinyl scratch SFX as albums were kicked off!

Also noted:
WCSX/Detroit doing a "40 Years Ago Today" Weekend - including giveaways of the new Paul McCartney CD.

Attitude. Dave Martin blogs Saturday here on Tom Donahue's legendary KSAN - and observes another ingredient of a great radio station.

Dave writes:
"One of the dramatic differences in great radio stations is their attitude. There is a measure of delight and surprise in listening to a station that does not take itself too seriously. Great stations have a perpetual sense of good humor about themselves. " So true.

Great Read. Discovered through a link through a link - Bob Lefsetz - who writes an excellent blog about the music industry. I was up well past midnight Friday night reading his archives. Perhaps you can exercise a little more self-discipline. Read Bob's blog here.

Have a great Sunday.

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