Friday, June 1, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Happy Friday.

Bliss. I feel like I've been in a time-warp all week! Over the last several days, I've been enjoying reading David Martin's discussion about the ABC FM rock stations of the 70s as well as the AOR programmers from that era. Scroll back on his blog here.

There has to be hundreds of untold stories from this time that need to be written and preserved - and shared with today's programmers - especially those doing classic rock.

Right: KSAN does Beatles A to Z back in the day. That feature now a staple on many of today's classic rock stations.

I'm looking forward to Tom Teuber's contributions to the conversation on Dave's blog.

PPM and P1s. Lee Arnold writes here this morning about new PPM research - and P1 listeners. Another great read on how PPM will affect our future. Added: Morning Mouth Publisher Don Anthony offers PPM tips in this week's FMQB here.

Steve Loomstein. Who? Its Steve Loomstein day in St. Louis and the second annual launch of "Steve 96" radio. Ralph Cipolla of Jacobs Media explains what this is all about here. Its just great radio.

Have a great weekend. More here Sunday Morning.

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