Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Good Morning.

Tomorrow we're making a day trip to the Windy City to meet up with some neighbors from our Colorado days.

They've invited our oldest son to spend a week with them and their son as they travel the midwest. Plan to catch a museum and Chicago deep-dish pizza.

Haven't been to Pizzeria Uno (or Duo) since my Chicago CBS Radio days in the 70s.
Next weekend: a drive to Milwaukee to pick my son up.

Records & radio: There might be a new line item on your budget - if the record industry gets their way. Imagine performance rights fees for radio for airplay (and promoting music sales).

I thought for the longest time they wanted to pay radio to play songs. Now they want it the other way around. I'm so confused. They want to bite the hand that feeds them. Just last week Sony/BMG attempted to stop radio - here - from playing an album track that wasn't even on their label! Its got to be tough for record company promo man with all this going on.

Mark Ramsey has his take on performance fees
here. And Jerry Del Colliano offers up some radical thinking here.

Companies protect their PD talent. In his daily Radio-Info.Com newsletter this morning, Tom Taylor speculates that some recent promotions of PDs around the country were done to keep them in place. Read Tom's newsletter and subscribe for free here.

More Sunday Morning. Have a great weekend.

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