Tuesday, July 3, 2007

An Idea From The Conclave

80° - partly sunny at 3pm

Are there any salespeople in your building today?

The Conclave. Listened this morning to a podcast from the sessions last week. Hear and download here.

Not a new idea - but a great one from the session "A Programmer's Guide To Strategy and Tactics":

Ask a fellow programmer in your group or someone you know (and respect) in a format similar to yours - to listen to your station and give you feedback about your on-air product. Get their thoughts on what you're doing right. Or wrong. A lot of programmers would be delighted you asked.

Easy to do if you're streaming. I've used some mentors of mine over the years and have had some very constructive feedback.

Hope your 4th of July programming kicks. We're taking tomorrow to do some projects and chores around the house (I've got a small patio project).

Going to top off the Fourth with night minor-league Lansing Lugnut baseball followed by fireworks at the ballpark. Hope the rain stays away!

More here Thursday.

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