Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Monday

67° - sunny at 11am

Good Morning. It was a productive Sunday filled with yard work here in Okemos.

Hope your weekend went well.

Staffing up from the listener pool:

House Band Competition. WMGK/Philadelphia is searching for a house band - to play at station events for the next 12 months - plus receive new band equipment and a couple days in a recording studio. Details here.

Hottest New Employee. KGB/San Diego is looking for "
one of San Diego's hottest bikini clad babes to hire on as the weekend entertainment anchor."

The hottest employee will be paid to do on-air reports - plus provide some eye-candy on KGB's website with video reports. More here.

Summer Movie Reporter. KLPX/Tucson is looking for a listener to be its movie reporter - albeit for only two weeks. Read here.

Later this week:

Wednesday (7/4) John Mellencamp on CBS-TV's Boston Pops Special

Thursday (7/5) Bon Jovi on ABC-TV's The View (repeat)
Friday (7/6) Elvis Costello on CBS-TV's David Letterman (repeat)

Radio Rumor: This blog isn't big on rumors, but....could Don Imus be returning? Will this be WFAN's fall book promotion? Read more from the New York Post here.

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