Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Late Tuesday Update

88° - Mostly Sunny at 5:10pm
Left: oops..they don't print them anymore.

More Spring numbers - and some Classic Rock highlights:

In Chicago: WDRV jumps more than a half a point 12-plus. Added: WDRV moves #9 to #7 A25-54 - and rebounds #9 to #2 M25-54. Monthlies show third phase "A to Z" feature significantly boosted all demos - bolstering both females and 35-64.

In Stamford-Norwalk, Cox's WFOX leaps close to two shares 12+. More at All Access.

Meanwhile - Tomorrow in Denver: KRFX Morning Drivers Lewis & Floorwax take advantage of a story currently in the news:

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