Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Steven Van Zandt on Radio & Records

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Steven Van Zandt.
Radio host. Musician. Record producer. Actor. Writer. I'm certain thats an incomplete list.

Last night - Mark Felsot - who handles affiliate relations for Little Steven's Underground Garage - e-mailed an advance copy of Steven's "Garage Rock" column for the July 21st issue of Billboard.
Steven addresses the illogical move by the record industry to demand payment for airplay.

Some great quotes from Mr. Van Zandt:
"I do not believe radio should pay anything to anyone. And I mean every kind of radio."

"..radio stations and concert performers shouldn't have to pay for promoting our music and helping us sell it. Radio is the greatest thing that ever happened to us all, not counting Les Paul sticking that pickup on his guitar—which also worked out quite well."

And my favorite: "We have talked about, right here, the new ways people hear music and its significance especially for young bands: ads, videogames, TV, movies, ringtones, car horns, whatever. But can any sane human being think all that can ever replace a great radio station?"

I simply love that.

This morning Dave Lange posts the entire Little Steven article and offers some additional commentary. Read here.

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