Monday, July 16, 2007

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More CGM: I've written here before about the importance of listener involvement - it gives them ownership and loyalty in the product. Another great example comes from Buffalo and WGRF PD John Hager.

The station is asking listeners to contribute stories and vote on the 30 top concerts at a legendary but now defunct local venue.

On Labor Day Weekend - the station will recall those stories and play live concert highlights from those shows. See here.

If you're in a market with a rich concert history this is an excellent idea! Very local.

Speaking of: What are you doing Labor Day Weekend? Its an opportunity to do something special over three days and build (or simply maintain) your AQH #s since most of the format's important "at-work" audience isn't at work. These occasional shifts in listener routines demand extra effort on the part of the radio station.

And: How about football season? Even if you don't have the play-by-play you can still take ownership. Think jock content and imaging.

Streaming. Most if not all webcasters are still online - following last week's reprieve by Sound Exchange on the new royalty rates.

This morning Jerry Del Colliano writes about the reprieve and declares "I'm from New Jersey. I'm not buying it." More here.

You may have noticed: Over the weekend - I tested a new "station of the week" feature here on the blog. After having it up for 36 hours, a better approach came to mind. To come.

Have a great Monday.

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