Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Summer of 'KLH

70° - mostly cloudy at 12 noon

Good afternoon from Okemos!

Cooler weather here made for a long bike ride this morning with my eight year old. Riding not far behind me at one point, I turned my head to hear him sing "Sweet Home Alabama - where the skies are so blue".
My kid for sure.

WKLH/Milwaukee is pulling a great sounding two-punch this summer. Been listening this morning via the web.

'KLH midday talent Marilynn Mee is taking workday listeners through the music and events from 1967 through 1987....from Sgt. Peppers to The Joshua Tree. Year by year on the midday shift. This morning Marilynn putting the wraps on 1969 and segueing into1970. Its great music accompanied by some killer imaging.

Marilynn also inviting listener participation to share events and memories year-by-year via email. Another excellent quarter hour builder; hyping "no repetition" and the perfect staging for those deeper cuts. Very sweet! More

Quoting from the 'KLH website: "Music isn't a destination, its a journey...over three decades long!"

I just heard the station play "The Rapper" by The Jaggerz. Tell me your listeners wouldn't remember this. That followed by CCR's "Travelin' Band" and John Lennon's "Instant Karma". Then Santana's "Evil Ways" followed by Badfinger's "Come And Get It". Classic 1970. And it rocks - with Marilynn's content and enthusiasm - plus solid imaging. Give it a listen online.

And...WKLH is also doing a prize "A to Z" - with an opportunity to win something from every letter of the alphabet.

Very nice twist that reinforces an A to Z image - and very sales friendly. Get a better idea here.

All of this just coming off Milwaukee's annual summerfest celebration - which the station heavily attached to.

WKLH isn't having any lazy days this summer. More great examples of why I've written before about WKLH simply being a great radio station. An excellent study for any classic rock programmer.

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Gato78 said...

Marilynn has it going on and is incredibly rock knowledgable. I never, ever listend to her station, or any "classic rock" station before she went to 'KLH. She lends cool to "classic". Hard to do cool in that format but she does it in spades. I am obviously a fan, but, this woman plays great toons. Her retrospective on the '70's has been great--superb personal stories and great music info content. I cannot understand why she isn't in Chicago, NY or LA. Our little secret in Milwaukee!