Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Sticker Patrol Returns!

77° sunny - 83% humidity at 10am

Welcome to Tuesday.

New York's WAXQ
is bringing back a vintage promotion from radio's playbook for the summer: The Sticker Patrol. Cheap. Easy. Something that tells one listener to another "I'm part of that club too!"

Having stickers on hand at a remote is part of the unwritten contract between most stations and its listeners. And while I've never calculated the ratio, you'll always hand out far more stickers than you'll ever spot on vehicles. But they're going somewhere - and your listeners want them.

More WCBS-FM. Jerry Del Colliano writes "You'd be hard pressed to come up with another time something radio did got so much love and devotion from listeners." More here.

Great Thinking.
McVay Media's Dave Lange has a excellent piece on "taking every opportunity you can".

Dave writes: "
So many times I see stations that are not reaching out on the air and in the community enough. They just seem content to play the music, run some commercials, take care of the client remotes, and generally phone it in." Read Dave's notes and suggestions here.

Lee Abrams.
Over the weekend Lee wrote on old media vs. new. Offsite staff meetings. And shares some great moments from his early career. Here.

Have a great day.

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