Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

72° - Sunny at 10:30am

Cool weather in Mid-Michigan.

Sunday Morning Coffee.
Spent with Bob Stroud/WDRV. And he just played "Victoria" from The Kinks' 1969 album "Arthur".

I first heard that album in 8th grade - courtesy of a very progressive music/band (and homeroom) teacher at Alan B. Shepard Jr. High, Deerfield, IL. Thank you Frank Jacober. School rocked.

Some other now-classics heard first in junior high included the Moody Blues "In Search of The Lost Chord" and "To Our Children's Children". Arthur Brown's 1969 single "Fire". Lots more.

One of the strengths of a gold format: evoking great memories.

Richard Harker writes: "A Big Dog that starts cutting budgets creates a great opportunity for another station to take them on and win."

"Sometimes through a change of program director or something else, the Big Dog stumbles -- it loses contact with its listeners."

"Money, market knowledge, courage, confidence, and commitment. These five things create a Big Dog, and it takes these five things to take on a Big Dog."
This is a great read - from FMQB here.

Cara's Basement. Chicago's Cara Carriveau checks in via-email with a new podcast/interview with James "JY" Young of Styx.

Listen here. "A podcast that really rocks."

Heard yesterday: "Its not a day job, its what you do" - from Marty Jourard - sax & keyboards for early 80s band The Motels - on emotions felt after being fired from the band in 1987. On a repeat of the VH-1 series "Bands Reunited". Just like radio.

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