Friday, July 6, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Happy Friday...perhaps your weekend began on Wednesday..

How's your stream? Lee Arnold draws awareness to a reality about streaming audio: over half of your audience might be listening to your stream on a dial-up connection. Read more here.

It might be prudent to unplug the broadband and listen to your stream with a 56k dial-up connection and see how it performs.

Meanwhile - July 15th is now less than ten days away - the date the new copyright royalty rates are scheduled to kick in and impact streaming radio.

Jerry Del Colliano writes
here this morning on continuing the fight in Washington and declaring war on The Sound Exchange.

Records and Radio. This morning Mark Ramsey writes about the "ridiculous study" that says radio doesn't sell music. Read here.

If this "study" is reality, why haven't the record companies fired their radio promotion staffs and discontinued ads in FMQB and R&R?

Added: The NAB calls the study "bogus" - read here - and quotes pro-radio comments by record company executives.

Found Resources:

AC/CHR Programmer/Consultant (and station owner) Dave Shakes has a great website - with resources relevant for any programmer, no matter the format. Peruse Dave's excellent "tool kit" here.

Historic Audio. The Smoking Gun website now has a archive of historic and celebrity audio (accompanied by video). Browse through it here. You Tube is also an excellent resource for sound.

Added: Jay Trachman - in FMQB - on stationality: " enables the listener to remember you. Especially when rating time rolls around." Read here. Great piece on "the feel" of your radio station. Its much more than sweepers.

Thank you Lee Arnold. I do appreciate the kind words - here - on his blog today. They mean a lot.

More here Sunday Morning.

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