Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

85° - sunny at 11am

Good Morning!

I was in Ludington, MI (along the Lake Michigan shoreline) doing a live remote for Todd Mohr's WWKR. It was my first commercial remote in something like 12 years.

It was fun to help out and be on the air again. Nice to see the station's new home too - moving from nearby Pentwater.

Too cool: The station runs the Jones satellite-delivered classic rock format out of Denver - and the talent on the air during my remote was my old buddy Shark. (photo right)

Aside from his Jones duties, Shark also does middays on Denver's KRFX and "voice tracked" afternoons for me in New Mexico (and still does there). Just like old times yesterday.

Live Earth.
All I caught was some CNN coverage of yesterday's event. I honestly didn't "get" Live Earth - talking global warming while consuming many kilowatts to power all that stage lighting and sound.

Perhaps it should have been from one site - all acoustic ("unplugged"). From Greenland where the glaciers are melting.

Added: Bob Lefsetz offers his take on Live Earth here.

Grab this music list. Listening this morning to Bob Stroud on Chicago's WDRV. Doing his annual "Living in the USA" show.

Might grab his playlist here once its posted and stick in the file as music ideas for your own July 4th programming next year.

Just heard a great tune as part of WDRV's internet fill: "I Know What I Like" by Genesis. Haven't heard that in years!

Added: In Seattle - KZOK #1 12+ (again) in trend released Friday.

Added: (yet more!) Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight shines on KFOG/San Francisco PD Dave Benson. A great read here.

Enjoy the day.

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