Friday, July 27, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

76° - cloudy at 10am; smells like rain - love it!

Welcome to the weekend.

Yours truly traveling to Hart, Michigan tomorrow to be on the radio - again!

Spring book:
Seeing most classic rockers up - or flat - in the new numbers. KSAN/San Francisco, WZLX/Boston, KSEG/Sacramento, KUFX/San Jose, WRSR/Flint, WZXL/Atlantic City - and WWVR/Terre Haute among the big gainers in yesterday's 12+ releases. Congrats to all.

HD Radio.
Both Fred Jacobs and Mark Ramsey wrote this week about HD Radio's difficulties. Fred blogs
about the lack of awareness of HD from his research. Here.

Mark writes
a change coming soon for HD Radio's marketing efforts - here - though it remains very unclear what that change might be.

Just my two cents: I believe this is much of a chicken or egg dilemma; hard for companies to justify investments in programming when there's a lack of receivers (and lack of interest in those receivers) in the market.

Detroit is mission critical -
before more dollars are spent on consumer marketing and promotion.

As Mark Ramsey observed some time ago - people buy things that include radios.
Like cars.

Sean Ross points us to CNET and and this article and author Steve Tobak - writing "HD Radio - what's the holdup?"

Finding wireless in a small town. In a few weeks I'll be joining my siblings and their families for a few days of camping in northeastern Iowa - Backbone State Park.

With some prior obligations (beyond this blog), I may need a few moments online during our visit.

Unable to Google any nearby wi-fi
- a fast email to the local economic development/tourism people resulted in a quick response - and a location close where I can fire up the laptop. Nice!

Have a great weekend.


PocketRadio said...

Who cares about HD Radio - for sure, now HD Radio looks DOA:

Dan Kelley said...

The broadcasters who have invested substantial dollars in HD probably care quite a bit.

Personally - I'm a cheerleader for radio programming - no matter the delivery system. Simple as that.

Thanks again for reading.