Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

75° - sunny at 12noon.
Left: MSU Beaumont Tower webcam. Current image here.

Happy Sunday. Slept in this morning; felt nice.

Back to school. Our area flooded with college students and their parents as Michigan State University ramps up for fall. Really noticed it this past week while shopping at our nearby Meijer store. Lines of shopping carts filled with all things dorm room.

To Steve Palec on WKLH/Milwaukee. His Rock & Roll Roots program featuring the music of John Mellencamp. Later: Toto. Thanks Steve!

P.S. to 'KLH: often your internet spot substitution audio runs long and upcuts your on-air audio; notice it most during Steve's program.

My wife in frustration attempting to get an update to Rhapsody to work on her PC; not the first time the service has caused grief; usually tied to the dreaded digital rights management with any "updates". Time wasted. Added: All resolved after removing and reloading both Rhapsody and Windows Media Player.

To Lee Arnold for the wonderful salute yesterday on Dave Martin's blog. Meeting both Lee and Dave on my "someday to do" list; perhaps part of a midwest road trip.

Speaking of Dave: he shares some thoughts about making heros. Think local. Read

PPM Now.
The above-mentioned Mr. Martin launches a second blog dedicated to the discussion and issues surrounding Arbitron's PPM. Here.

This follows a post on Dave's existing blog back on Thursday that generated a boatload of feedback. That post - and reader comments -

To consultant Jaye Albright for the kind words on this blog earlier this week. I more often than not get something out of Jaye's Breakfast Blog everytime I surf by. Jay another industry pro sharing with the world.

"The audience doesn't care about you. So you'd better care about them." -Mark Ramsey - here.

More Bruce.
The new single ("Radio Nowhere") offers a commentary on our business...not that it has to be this way:

I was trying to find my way home,
But all I heard was a drone.

Bouncin' off a satellite

Crushing the last long American night.

This is radio nowhere.

Is there anybody alive out there?

This is radio nowhere.

Is there anybody alive out there?

I was sitting around a dirt dial

Just another lost number in a file.

Been in some kinda dark cove

Just searching for a world with some soul.

Listen here.


Anonymous said...

Radio Nowhere is God awful drivel.
Rob Hagen

Dan Kelley said...


The Boss might call in your fan club membership if you post comments like that.

Its art. And its Rock & Roll.


Anonymous said...

Rob Hagen, you are right on the money regarding Radio Nowhere. By the way, are you the same Rob Hagen whose pen name is R.K. Hagen? If so, I loved your book of poetry,"You Shouldn't See Birds." And while we're talking, didn't I hear you on WNYE 91.5 FM the other day talking about the Staten Island Turtle?