Monday, September 17, 2007

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Good Morning.

Photo to the left: nothing to do with this Dan. But I like the way it looks. Mark Ramsey teases and links you to a very famous "Dan" here.

Fall ARB starts on Thursday.
More fall promotional activity from classic rockers in the days to come.

Crossing the line. Then making good. Fred Jacobs writes about the NFL - and air personalities who "cross the line" with content - but the loudly find a way to redeem themselves. Read here.

Bob & Tom were pretty good years ago - with sometimes "crossing the line" - but raising big money for charity by selling CDs of their bits. They have mellowed a bit since the events triggered by "nipplegate"; but continue to sell CDs for charity to this day.

via the message boards at Radio-Info.Com - David Eduardo notes that the revived station "extrapolates to a tie for #2 25-54 in New York for August" (its first full month). Read more here.

Is that Univision Radio's David Eduardo (aka
David Gleason) or the screen name of another?

More here tomorrow.

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