Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

64° - sunny at 10am

Happy Sunday.
My in-laws have been in town from Denver since Thursday. Good times. Watched Michigan State spank Notre Dame yesterday on TV.

Listening this morning:
Again this week to Pam Rossi's Over Easy on WCSX/Detroit. Thanks for the Simon & Garfunkel. Loved "The Boxer" and "Leaves That Are Green".

The latter I haven't heard likely in 35+ years. I've got to order "Sounds Of Silence" on CD from Amazon today.
Sarcasm: I doesn't sell music.

Actually tried WDRV/Chicago first - a longtime habit - but they're not streaming "Rock & Roll Roots" this morning due to RIAA issues.

Speaking of WDRV: Celebrating Bruce Springsteen's birthday today with Boss classics throughout the day.

Perhaps the RIAA problem this morning was due to the "not more than 4 songs per artist in any 3 hour period rule" for streaming. Wonder how CHR stations stream???

WCSX/Detroit. New website design. Clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate. See here. Very nice. Great use of You Tube videos (a free resource!)

Meanwhile - Radio Online reports that "Male-Oriented Formats Top List for Radio Web Visitors". Hello classic rock. Read here.

This week Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight shines on suburban classic rock WRXQ/Joliet PD Freak - who's had an amazing career with a number of stations in Chicago.

Read a cool story

Fun. Bob Andelman (Mr. Media) talks to Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin. Another guy from Chicago. Curb on HBO is one of the highlights of my week. Read here.

Have a great Sunday.

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