Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Monday

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Good afternoon.

AC/DC and Verizon Wireless:
"....another reminder about how critically important mobile phones and Classic Rock are in the new media scheme of things." - Fred Jacobs.


Great Monday Ideas

From Jaye Albright's
Breakfast Blog: "Watch the latest web video from Lynch & Meyers as they prep their show for The Brew/Milwaukee. Thanks to Sean Lynch for sending it along."

"WSSL/Greenville was the first station (almost 15 years ago now) that I heard put their daily morning show promo on the station's music on hold, so everyone who calls the station hears a plug for tomorrow's morning show while they wait for their party at the station."

Thanks Jaye. Love the Brew/Milwaukee morning prep video. Reminds me of a few morning drive moments in my career!

And we have this thought from Dave Martin's PPM News & Comment Blog: "The early days of PPM include a growing store of advice, counsel on how to win in a PPM world. My thought is one of the most important and effective strategies not yet getting the attention deserved. Keep a diary.

As a practical matter keeping a diary, or journal if you prefer, affords an outstanding return on investment. Your diary will prove invaluable in gaining an understanding of PPM data. What is happening? What is not happening? What are the players doing to influence the action?"

PPM is giving us insights we never had before about our audience; continuing education for everyone. A great idea Dave - thank you!

Personal note: a few weeks back I wrote here about the passing of WITL's Jay J McCrae. Jay a program director I had the privilege of working in the same building with at the Citadel cluster in Lansing, Michigan.

I mentioned that Jay's wife and partner of 25 years - Jordan Lee - also handles middays on the station.

A post on the Michigan Radio Buzzboard noted Jordan's return to work this morning saying on air: "...Jay was not only my husband, but one of the toughest program directors to work for and I can hear him saying get back to work... so here we go." Welcome back Jordan.

More here tomorrow.

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