Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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Good afternoon from Michigan.

Listening: Today to classic rock WHLK/Madison - 93.1 The Lake. A great sounding radio station with a fairly broad music presentation ("everything classic").

One of my favorite bloggers (Jim Bartlett) does weekends on WHLK - and writes about his Labor Day Weekend - and his "Day With The Masters" here.

From my blogosphere:

Fred Jacobs today on General Motors and its use of radio personalities to drive and endorse its cars. Fred writes:

"...what does this campaign say about the power of radio and the influence of the medium's personalities? They are the essence of what makes radio special. They are the reason why consumers will stay with FM and AM stations, despite the competition provided by iPods and video games. And they sell product."

"Radio needs to continue to focus on its "special sauce" - the DJs and personalities that matter - especially during these tough times. Jettisoning members of the morning show or that afternoon drive jock who has asked for a 3% raise in favor of saving a few bucks this quarter is short-sighted and will contribute to the medium's mediocrity."

Read more from Fred here.

About investing in the product: Dave Lange of McVay Media writes about the investment Hollywood has made in content and how its embraced new distribution systems.

Dave: "The key is great product." Read more

"Phil Collins' immortal arena beat receives animalistic homage." See for a limited time only here.

Added: Via All Access - Ted Nugent #1 both Active & Mainstream Rock with "
Love Grenade". That has to feel good. On it, he re-records "Journey To The Center Of The Mind"; heard while listening to KRFX/Denver last week.

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