Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Good afternoon.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Fred Jacobs blogging on being the focal point of talk and even some controversy. Here.

Arbitron Trends.
Have I mentioned here before that rock is UP? Dave Lange provides some comment and insight here. And Edison Media's Sean Ross writes "Rock Radio Is Back...But As What?". A good read here.

Great to see.
Steve Rivers programing again. All Access reports that he's been named PD of CBS Top 40/CHR KBKS/Seattle. There has to be dozens of legendary programmers waiting for an opportunity to do it again.

Speaking of Legendary:
On my list of great programmers is Jay Blackburn. We've mentioned it before - but he's a novel loosely recounting his days traveling market to market - fixing broken radio stations. And launching WLUP/Chicago.

"The Radio Gypsies" should be out in about six months. I've been promised a copy - autographed - for my collection. More to come. And Jay should be running a radio station again.

Short post today. Busy. My 8 year old starts flag football tonight. Driving to Detroit tomorrow to pick up guests flying in from Denver.

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