Friday, September 21, 2007

Late Night Reading: Alan Mason

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Good Morning...

Apologies for the lack of a post on Thursday; just one of those days where too many things - personal and professional - kept mind and fingers away from the blog.

Now a sleepless night....

Reading some recent posts by consultant Alan Mason. First one up from Wednesday is about coaching air talent.

Or not. Alan blogs:

"PD’s aren’t coaching talent to full development any more. Many on-air people never get a word of feedback. Some get an occasional, “Great show today.” Others find email instructions from time to time, and the rare ones have regular sit-down sessions with the PD and “go over a tape.” Except that it’s not tape any more. And the sessions are “critique sessions,” because everyone knows improvement comes from criticism."

"Very, very rarely, you run across someone who actually coaches their talent, who builds on their strengths and puts minimal effort into mistakes and what they don’t like."

Read here.

Alan's other piece tells of a successful station that died after a GSM left. They couldn't find a decent replacement and despite strong ratings - sales people got demotivated - business fell off.

To solve the problem - it was decided that a change was neccessary - in programming. Sad.

Read the story

Last: Woot pulls a Steve Jobs. And has fun in the typical Woot spirit. Read the "Emergency Open Letter" - Here. This will only be up Friday since Woot is all selling one product for each 24-hour period.

Back to bed. Hopefully more here sometime after the sun comes up.

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