Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Left: Eagle Harbor off Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula this morning. current image

Good Morning from Michigan.

From my blogosphere:

Southern Fried.
Edison Media Research has a great blog in The Infinite Dial; and Edison's Sean Ross is in Charlotte for the NAB. While there he's blogging his impressions of Charlotte radio. Here's his notes about classic rocker WRFX:

"At a time when many Classic Rock stations have gotten older and softer, they were relatively crunchy in middays: a Don Henley here or an Elton John/"Rocket Man" there, but also AC/DC "Shoot To Thrill" into Styx/"Renegade," as well as the Southern Rock that you'd expect--Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, and a Charlie Daniels Band threefer!"

Jaye Albright. Jaye Albright explores what Clear Channel could do to get some PPM numbers for its country HD2 product in New York City. An interesting read here.

Could similar tactics work for other market "exclusive" formats that are only available on HD?

Jaye also shares some great words on branding
here; its about artists - but very relevant as you think of your radio station as a brand.

Wisdom from David Martin:
"Arbitron PPM is about getting into places, it's about penetration of personal and public spaces; you need to be played to be exposed and to be played you're going to need to be invited. Getting invited requires you to be known and "findable."

Read Dave's complete post from Friday

Bruce Springsteen. Amazon debuts another song/video from "Magic" - scroll down here; and Clear Channel station websites give fans a preview of the album. See/listen here.

Bogus Led Zep tix. From Radio & Records: "QPrime Management has alerted R&R that there are unethical scalpers offering Led Zeppelin concert tickets that they don’t actually have for the band’s show in London on Nov. 26 at the 02 Arena."

Flying with a Poophead. Consultant Harv Blain shares an airline experience with an computer executive here. Harv: "
Do you have any spoilers that would tarnish your brand?"

Have a great Wednesday.

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