Friday, September 14, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Welcome to the weekend.

"It may sound like a positioning statement, but Classic Rock is in fact music that has stood the test of time."
-Fred Jacobs.

Fred notes this morning that some of the best selling digital downloads are classic rock songs. Read more here.

Realities that apply to both PPM and Diary markets: McVay Media consultant Dave Lange wraps up his five-part series today with "It's Time To Charge Up The Audience". Read here.

Dave wraps up his post with these thoughts:

"In the end it comes back to THE PRODUCT. Be compelling, exciting and entertaining - charge it up and it doesn't matter if it's meters or diaries you are a lot more likely to WIN. Get out from behind the computer and tweaking selector and focus on what really charges up the audience."

If you missed any of Dave's 5-part series - scroll back on his blog here.

Meanwhile: Paragon Media posts two more "rules" to its PPM Handbook here.

One of the rules includes "Don't Sweat The Rankers".
As long as talent and PDs are compensated/bonused based on rank in demo, talent and PDs will "sweat the rankers".

Bonus from Dave Martin. His 9-step plan blogged over the past two days about shaping up your on-air talent now has a "bonus" 10th step. Dave labels it as the most important step in getting the most out of talent:

"When managers expect the best from performers they get the best. When managers expect the worst they get it."

"Expect great things and treat them like stars and you will get success beyond your dreams."

Dave's entire "Step 10" post is here. A must read. And...If you missed steps 1-9 - scroll back to Wednesday and Thursday here.

Sean Ross
- today in FMQB - on cutting clutter without sacrificing content. Does radio really need to be more iPod-like?

Sean writes:

" case anybody thinks that streamlining a station will tear me away from the iPod, the function the iPod serves for me is as, again, an extra FM station -- playing the songs I like but can’t get from the radio. When I choose the radio instead, I am neither looking for uninterrupted music -- already available to me -- nor to hear 30 minutes of incorrect answers to “What is it that 63% of all women say they do every day?” I’m looking to hear some music that I wouldn’t necessarily program for myself in an entertaining package."

Read here.
Have a great weekend.

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