Friday, September 21, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Welcome to Friday.
As this week progressed - finding time to post has become an issue.

My current "day job" - radio related - became real busy in the past few days. Lots of projects on the tabel. My dining room table. All good. A real desk and home office area forthcoming.

I've told a few folks over recent months that if I was back to programming full time, its likely this blog would be down to a post or two a week.

Stop marketing?
A great piece from Fred Jacobs this morning. Fred: "With some great marketing, we could make radio bigger than life again."

Read more here.

Jumping through hoops.
With online listening. I've been a fan of making it easy to listen online. Wrote about that here a few months back.

Today Larry Rosin
of Edison Media Research sounds off on stations that require "registration to listen". Read "Stations Behind Bars" here.

My take: Many stations that require "registration" are gearing up to target specific banner and/or audio ads to listeners based on demos and location. This doesn't matters to the listener; its just another inconvenience.

Isn't there too much "registration" required on the 'net as it is? There's so many other choices - and with portable devices - who's going to want the hassle? Make it easy as point and click.

NAB next week. Both Fred Jacobs and Mark Ramsey have promised some great presentations during the conference. As I won't be there, I hope someone will be taking notes and sharing!

More here Sunday Morning if not before...thanks for reading.

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