Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congrats To A Mentor

From Country Aircheck:

"Former Clear Channel SVPP Jack Evans will be joining the newly formed Gap West Broadcasting, headed by Skip Weller. Evans is said to be relocating to Denver, where he'll oversee programming for 57 stations in 13 markets."

Jack one of the major heros and influences in my career. Wrote about him here back in March.

I shared another Jack Evans story with a friend this morning (who actually tipped the above news). After hiring Jack to consult a New Mexico classic rock start up in 1994 (a side project for him) - Jack finally flew in to hear the results of much time spent on the phone and exchanges of faxes and Fedex packages.

Exiting a commuter plane from Denver - walking down the stairs - Jack had a pocket radio pressed to his ear - he'd been listening since 10,000 feet. His first words were about how great the station sounded followed by many questions about the market reaction to the new signal and so forth.

I remember driving with Jack to a nearby shopping mall. Getting out of the car - he heard a sweeper from the new station blasting from the radio of another car cruising the lot - ran over and stopped the vehicle to ask the driver his impressions of the station. An unplanned lesson to me about talking to the audience.

And during his entire visit he just continued to display an overwhelming passion and enthusiasm for radio - great radio - that was simply infectious. And that "infection" has stayed with me to this day.

Congratulations Jack!

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