Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Late Shift

54° - overcast at 11:20pm

Good evening; not sure where the time went today.
Autumn arrived here late last night. Monday's high was 93°. Today just 76°. Cooler nights too!

Consultant Alan Mason here with a great piece here about the tail wagging the dog. Alan shares a few recent stories of frustration and offers:

"Yes, you need rules, roles, and procedures to keep a business from falling into chaos, but when do these rules, roles and procedures stop being effective, and instead become a Dilbert cartoon? The quick answer: When the two prime functions of a radio station, programming and sales, stop being the priority, replaced by bureaucracy."

More: Dave Martin is posting again after a short hiatus - and his post today - here - is an excellent read for any student of radio. Also recommend highly to anyone programming or managing a suburban or signal-challenged radio station. And welcome back Dave!

Paul Shaffer. Wrote here a few weeks back about his new syndicated 60-second daily feature "Paul Shaffer's Day In Rock". Check out this link with audio from a recent Jim Kerr interview on New York's Q104.3.

(Steal some drops of Paul Shaffer on Q104.3 making reference to "Workforce"...just a thought). Tipped by All Access.

Bedtime for Bonzo. More tomorrow.

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