Friday, September 28, 2007

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Welcome to Friday; Sun shining this morning for what seems to be the first time in days. Nice autumn weather.

More news to programmers from the NAB during the weekend.

The Boss. Appeared this morning on NBC-TV's "Today Show". I knew about it; missed it - but just caught the video here on the web. Very cool.

Paul Shaffer. That nutty guy from the Letterman Show. Now doing radio. "Paul Shaffer's Day In Rock" - a sixty second daily feature distributed by Envision Radio. Just picked up starting Monday by WAXQ/New York City.

Demo is great. Listen here. Book it by calling Greg Ausham at (216) 831-3761 or

Cara Carriveau. Cara's latest podcast has her chatting with Jim Peterik - formerly of Survivor and The Ides of March, along with former Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison and Night Ranger singer/drummer Kelly Keagy.

All three are performing together next week at MelodicRockFest in South Bend, Indiana. Listen at Cara's Basement here.

Dave Martin. Yesterday Dave wrote here about employers, job seekers and manners:

"In recent years I continue to hear from folks who are out of work and not able to get employers to return a phone call nor respond to an email. Folks are doing as they are told, following instructions and making application for employment - never to hear anything in response. So it would seem the days of a proper rejection letter is over. The majority of the time it seems employers today are not offering any response whatsoever. Folks apply for a job and nothing happens...."

"It's bad manners and there is simply no excuse. Understanding there will always be a few bad actors out there, in the ranks of the employed and unemployed, it seems today there are just too many rude folks at work on the employer side."

Guilty. Me. On the employer side I've had applicants fall through the cracks that I never responded to. Most I did. But that doesn't matter to the ones I failed. As Dave said - there is no excuse.

Its something that might not seem mission critical until you become the job seeker. One soon discoveres how valuable a response - any response - is to the applicant. Think of the impression of you and your company in the eyes of the applicant.

Noted for my future. And thanks Dave.

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dave said...


You made exactly the right point when you wrote "the impression of you and your company in the eyes of the applicant" Moreover, it's an impression made on others (e.g., applicant's significant other or family, word of mouth as the applicant shares the experience).

I understand the press of daily affairs is such that one can run out of day and not have the time to take, return calls, respond to every email or even review every package. This is an issue that lends itself to system. Once you set up a system to deal with applicants things happen.

We recently hired a new associate. Over 100 folks applied. The day we got their package we sent out a postcard that said thanks, we got your stuff. The hiring manager set aside one hour two days of each week to phone and email applicants that made the first cut. Those that did not were sent a thank you letter indicating we had moved on with other candidates. It's managing a process. But you need a process to manage.

Dan, you are also spot-on about the need for applicants to get "any response."

Keep up the good work on your blog.