Monday, October 1, 2007

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Good evening. Late post; another busy one today.

I don't sound off too often - but someone please stop the madness I'm about to share...

While checking an email account last night (Sunday) - one
I use for station listener and VIP email clubs - I noted an abudance of emails from the same station listener club.

Between Monday and Saturday this station sent me
ten emails - each dealing with single topics; many over and over again.

Monday brought 3 emails (2 were duplicates about the morning show) - the other one was notice that ZZ Top was coming to town.

On Tuesday I had 2 emails from the station - one to tell me I could "Beat The Box Office" for ZZ Top tickets on Thursday.

Only one email Wednesday
- reminding me again of the ZZ Top pre-sale on Thursday.

Thursday - 10:30am - an email to remind me that ZZ Top Pre-Sale has begun.

Later Thursday
- 3:01pm - brought a second email. Subject line: "Did you buy your ZZ Top tickets?" Stop nagging me!

Friday and Saturday brought one email each day - two different topics - to finish out the week. At least ZZ Top was done. Nothing Sunday. Two emails from the station today (so far).

Stop doing this!
You're risking your entire email marketing program to spam folders and blacklisting. Think moderation.

I'm just say'n. And I'll have some cheese with that wine - uh, whine.

Sunday while reminiscing about listening to a small Indiana station in 1971, I blogged: "
When traveling back in that era one could hear and discover songs & artists on the radio that hadn't made it to my hometown Chicago stations."

Coincidently - Lee Abrams wrote this morning:

"Back then you could also listen to regional stations and hear new stuff that hadn’t broken Nationally yet. I remember hearing “Journey to the Center of the Mind” on CKLW and importing that…or local band Heart getting action on our client KISW and importing that around the country."

Lee on the old days - why the Sex Pistols suck - and more here.

And thanks - to legendary Midwest AOR Air Personality Randy Raley (KSHE/St. Louis; KYYS & KCFX/Kansas City - and others) for the kind email yesterday. Randy made my day - writing:

"Your blog makes me long for a chance to pop back in the game again and put in those 16 hour days like I used to do. Thank you for showing off the stations who still do it right, like WKLH and the great ones who know it's about the content and the connection not just the songs."

Randy mentions he's about to get something many of us only dream of: Saturday Nights on a 50kw AM blowtorch: KMOX/St. Louis.

"Route 66" with Randy Raley will begin Saturday, October 13th - in most of Mid-America on 1120/KMOX - streaming on the web everywhere. More info on Randy's great blog here.

Have a good night.

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