Tuesday, October 2, 2007

AM Drive in Denver & Classic Rock Websites

59° - fog at 9:10am

Good Morning from Okemos

Fox AM drivers Lewis & Floorwax are on vacation this week - and filling in for them is Jack Blades. That's Jack Blades of Night Ranger/Damn Yankees fame.

Very cool. Jack chatting with his friends - just heard him talking on the phone to Frank Beard of ZZ Top.

btw: Great bench/locker room audio from last night's Colorado Rockies win via KRFX sports guy G-Man.

Might be wrong - but Blades sounds tracked - not that it matters to the listener. And Mr. Blades apparently has a bit of freedom with the playlist!

Last week Alice Cooper spent some time in the KRFX studios with PM driver Shark. Kudos to PD Garner Goin.

Wondering if Joe Walsh has done any AM drive vacation fill-in anywhere in recent years??

Hysterical....me? How I felt "the morning after" following my rant late last night about one station's listener club email "strategy".

Thanks to Dave Martin
for the mention on his blog this morning.

Classic Rock Station Websites.
Fred Jacobs wrote yesterday on classic rock radio websites and the potential for social networking. Fred blogs:

"Creating social networking opportunties for Classic Rockers, for example, is a slam dunk. They may come from different walks of life, but their one common thread is their passion for the music. And they love to talk about it."

"Just conduct some Classic Rock focus groups, and watch the fun. Even after the groups are over, and the respondents have been paid off, there's always a small group in the parking lot, continuing to debate whether Abbey Road or Sgt. Pepper's is the better Beatles album, or whether Keith Richards or Joe Perry is the superior axman."

Read Fred's complete piece here.

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