Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

72° - sunny at 11am

Good Morning from Michigan.

My typical Sunday routine - WDRV/Chicago followed at 11a eastern by WKLH/Milwaukee. Pretty predictable!

Commercial Free? Mike-FM/Boston (WMKK) goes spot-free weekdays 9am to noon. Here. One station official quoted as saying: “This is permanent. It is not a stunt” .

Permanent? How long is that exactly? Just asking...

Comment: if "less commercials" is your strategy - why not just spread the reduced load throughout the day? Whats to be gained by telling the audience that commercials are bad - when you're going to be playing them anyway?

I'd put my money on strong programming and sell those attributes.

Maybe I just think weird.

Commercial-free since 2002: KCDX - Florence, Arizona - with a very deep/very broad classic rock playlist.

Its a commercially-licensed station that plays no commercials. Zero. Zilch. For five years now. Not even underwriting announcements. A labor of love that's achieved cult status.

Read the story of KCDX and its reclusive owner
here. Another great story about searching for KCDX here. And hear the station streaming 24/7 - at 64kbs no less!

I've been a fan of the station for about the last three years. When was the last time you heard Mason Proffit's "Two Hangmen" followed by Chicago's "Colour My World" - segued into Flash & The Pan?

Also heard: Blind Faith - The Strawbs - Shawn Phillips - Roxy Music - Camper Van Beethoven. Satisfying my eclectic side!
btw: I do know where KCDX originates from - but won't ruin the mystique.

Added: Randy Raley on KCMO-FM/KC Program Director Don Daniels here. And Randy: Bozeman is actually a great place to live. Read here.

Organized fun:
The clever folks at Improv Everywhere pull off another mission - going shirtless at Abercrombie and Fitch! LOL.

My favorite "Improv Everywhere" missions include
Best Buy; Best Gig Ever; and Ted's Birthday. And you can buy a t-shirt here.

And - Scranton, PA - setting for NBC-TV's "The Office" - is hosting a convention for fans of the TV show next weekend: (very cool)

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