Monday, October 22, 2007

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Good afternoon from Okemos. Big win 21-6 (I think) for my 8-year old's flag football team yesterday; my guy responsible for some of those points.

Not to make light of a tragedy: but watching news of the Malibu fires I swear I heard a Fox anchor say Sunday that those fires "shut down 25 rehab centers." Huh? I couldn't have heard that right or did I??

Fred Jacobs wrote this morning:

"How can a radio station create an experience that's more entertaining than someone's iPod or TiVo? These are the questions we should be asking listeners in perceptual studies. And they are questions we should be asking ourselves in strategy meetings."

"Which station is the concert station?" or "Which station plays too many bad songs mixed in with the good ones?" is no longer relevant to the larger issues that are facing broadcast radio."

Fred's entire post here. Our industry/our world is changing fast. In the past few weeks, I put together a station perceptual based on some of the information that came out of Mark Ramsey's PPM presentation at the NAB....questions the station wasn't asking before.

More classic rock depth. Sean Ross follows up on this discussion here.

Rocktober: All Access reporting today that the Colorado Rockies are attempting to register the name of classic rock radio's long-used promotion as their own. The trademark registration would give the team exclusive use of the term on various merchandise. Does this mean no more station "Rocktober" t-shirts?

ARB diary scam: Again from All Access. In a note to trades - a person claiming to be the PD's wife takes blame for diaries sent from household in spring survey; says it was an accident gone wrong - didn't intend to mail; but son saw them and left for postman. Filled out and sealed apparently. Wife also states hubby PD had no knowledge.

All a little hard-to-swallow.

Additionally - PD's wife was sales rep for same station; both apparently resigned at request of the station's GM.

That Northern Michigan station appears to be an unfortunate victim in this; no doubt a very difficult time for them.

Springsteen. Bruce #1 in Street Pulse again for the third week!

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