Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday Blogs + A Few Small Details...

50° - scattered clouds at 9am

..and happy halloween.

From my blogosphere:

Mark Ramsey: "Embrace digital realities or die". The future is about great content and multiple distribution platforms. Read here.

Fred Jacobs: TV commercials and music. Something we touched on here back on Monday. Fred's blog makes a good read - here.


This Friday: Its National Traffic Director's Day. A day to show your traffic director some love.

Aside from the chore of deciphering sales orders, she or he is the one adjusting the log everytime you decide to change the clocks or schedule that special programming.

As one who has done traffic on oversold radio stations more than a few times - more often than not- its just a thankless job.

The TDGA has some suggestions

With that, I recall a Market Manager (was it Cindy Schloss?) once say "we can't be sold out - I'm still hearing music on the air".

Daylight Savings Time: This Sunday Morning at 2am. Think about some clever imaging to remind your audience to turn the clocks back an hour.

No need to go overboard - perhaps once an hour - maybe tie in with legal ID. Begin on Friday during PM drive.

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