Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Words From A Country Consultant

Much of whats discussed, written and blogged about radio programming can apply to just about any format.

With that I spend some time each week reading and learning with articles and posts intended for other formats.

One excellent blog I've written about before
is this one from Country Radio's Jaye Albright - one half of the dynamic duo known as Albright & O'Malley.

Jaye recently offered this:

Do you know who your premium class listeners are?
  • Heavy users of radio who are deeply engaged in your radio station?
  • Your at work listeners?
  • Your listeners who love winning contests and prizes?
  • The ones who enjoy giving their opinions in surveys?
  • Your morning show regulars?
  • The folks who love the kind of music you play?
  • People who use you to stay in touch with the local community?
What can you do during this current ratings survey to make money with that information and make them feel more engaged with you?

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