Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Getting The Vote On....

It is an election day today. Here in our town - its city council and some bond issue stuff. But the real races are taking place in Buffalo, NY!

WGRF/97 Rock is holding the Classic Rock Elections! Station listeners involved as they vote for positions such as:
  • "The Governor of Guitar" (Eddie Van Halen vs. Jimmy Page)
  • "Head of the ATF" (David Crosby vs. Ted Nugent)
  • "County Coroner" (Ozzy Osbourne vs. Alice Cooper)
  • "Canadian Ambassador" (Rik Emmett vs. Geddy Lee)
  • Plus more seats up for election.
97 Rock also running races for Governor - including:
  • New Jersey (Jon Bon Jovi vs. Bruce Springsteen)
  • Florida (Tom Petty vs. Ronnie Van Zandt)
  • Michigan (Bob Seger vs. Ted Nugent)
  • Others including Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York & Texas
That's right: Ted could be both Michigan's Governor and head of the ATF! Too funny!

Also on the ballot - a yes/no proposition: "Shall Classic Rock include artists who emerged in the 90's such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains?
" A question often pondered by Classic Rock Program Directors!

It all sounds like great listener fun and making something extraordinary out of an ordinary election day. More brilliance from PD John Hager!

See the complete ballot online here.

Another election: New York's WAXQ is gearing up for Thanksgiving Weekend - soliciting listener votes for their favorite classic rock songs of all time. 1,043 songs over five days Wednesday through Sunday. Check out the concept and look at some past top song lists here.

And what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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Ed said...

Love him or hate him,you gotta admit that Ted Nugent is one of the greatest of all time.
Whether or not you agree with his hunting philosophies or his political affiliations, NO ONE can deny his musical accomplishments. His music is timeless and classic. You wanna hear some?! I work with Lone Star 92.5 and they play Ted Nugent along with a great cast of other classic rock n rollers and outlaw country stars... all with almost NO commercials!
Check it out now: http://www.lonestar925.com
Well? What do you think?