Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Monday

39° - scattered clouds at 11:45pm

A very productive day; hope yours was the same. More than a 50% chance of snow here tonight. There's something wonderful about the first snowfall of the year - and being on the air sharing the moment with listeners when it happens.

Branding the station in the mind of the listener. Tipped by Jaye Albright: a cool presentation from WHTZ/Z100 NYC Creative Services Director Dave Foxx.

Dave's piece was seen at the European NAB a year ago - and as Jaye says "....
I promise you it's still worth the ten minutes' time." Watch here:

Great radio transcends format boundaries. Thank you Dave Foxx.

Congrats. To Chicago's Steve Dahl for making the transition to the world of Jack FM - and a return to morning drive many years?.

Fresh 105.9 took to air late today on the former talk WCKG frequency. This morning, Radio-Info's Tom Taylor expressed the same thoughts I wrote here yesterday: that CBS bluffed crosstown AC WLIT into adopting their annual "all-christmas" presentation early to provide a great environment to launch "Fresh".

Steve Dahl ringtones?: Search engine deception or the real thing? Google Adsense caught Steve's name here; resulting in this:

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